Thursday, August 28, 2008

Will Marx Brothers Place Become a Reality?

The 93rd Street Beautification Association is set to take a big step forward in its two-pronged effort to create Marx Brothers Place and to extend the Carnegie Hall Historic District by one block. Today I received an email asking me if I can put some information on this blog about what's going on -- and how you (all) can get involved. Do it! Don't think about it! Do it!

Here's what I received and what you can do:

We thought you might be happy to know that NY1 has just upgraded the TV news story about historic Marx Brothers Place! It's now much easier to watch, and we think you'll really enjoy this piece by reporter Roger Clark. It's got some great clips from Marx Brothers movies in it!

Just click on this link to see the story about Marx Brothers Place:

Also, as we are in the final push of the preservation campaign (only 1 week left!), we thought that some of your blog readers might like to join other Marx Brothers fans who have signed the two petitions to help protect Marx Brothers Place. So we're sending along the links for the petitions. Please share them with all your friends and colleagues!

Petition to extend Carnegie Hill Historic District one block to include historic East 93rd Street:

Petition to co-name East 93rd Street “Marx Brothers Place” to honor the childhood home of the comic icons:

For more information:

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