Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Is Your Work Going to be Orphaned?

A friend of mine forwarded me this earlier today.

You are cordially invited to attend

How Will the Orphan Works Bill Economically Impact Small Entities?

This Friday, August 8, 2008
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Salmagundi Club
47 Fifth Avenue (between 11th & 12th Streets)
New York, NY 10003
Free Admission

Please attend this important industry event in person. Let government officials see and hear directly from those of us who will be harmed if this bill passes.

Until now, the Orphan Works bill has been driven by anti-copyright forces and special interest groups. This will be our first opportunity to be heard in a government sponsored forum devoted to the business interests of copyright holders. The Roundtable will be chaired by Tom Sullivan, Director of the Office of Advocacy of the Small Business Administration (SBA). It will give artists from the Northeast the chance to explain the impact of Orphan Works legislation on our careers and on the art we create.

Will the cost of compliance create an unreasonable burden on individual artists, writers and musicians?
Will the failure to register work lead to the loss of copyrights?
Why should artists be forced to supply their business data to commercial databases?
Will the bill create a new business model favoring large corporations at the expense of artists?
Will this change the nature of competition for all of us?

Nineteen distinguished panelists, all from the creative community, will represent the copyright interests of illustrators, photographers, fine artists, art licensors, writers, musicians and the collateral businesses that serve and are dependent on creators.

Rich Bengloff, President, American Association of Music (A2IM)
Kathleen Bitetti, Executive Director, Artists Foundation
Barbara Bordnick, Advertising Photographer
Terry Brown, Executive Director, American Society of Illustrators Partnership
Gerald Colby, President, National Writers’ Union
Frank Costantino, Architectural Illustrator
Constance Evans, Executive Director, Advertising Photographers of America
Dr. Theodore Feder, President, Artists Rights Society
George Fulton, Advertising Photographer
John Harrington, Press Photographer
Brad Holland, Artist
Deb Kozikowski, Writer
Dena Matthews, Medical Animator
Cheryl Phelps, Art Licensor, Illustrator, Designer and Adjunct Professor
Gene Poole, Songwriter and Musician
David Rhodes, President, School of Visual Arts, New York
Alexis Scott, President, Workbook, print and online directory of visual artists
Frank Stella, Artist
Cynthia Turner, Medical Illustrator

Congress established the Office of Advocacy under Pub. L. 94-305 to represent the views of small entities before Federal agencies and Congress. Advocacy is an independent office within the Small Business Administration.

This event will be webcast. PLEASE RSVP to and include the names of those attending.

You may review the agenda, the panelists and their biographies on the Illustrators’ Partnership blog.

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