Friday, August 08, 2008

New Article: The Fringe Festival

For New York Press -- a think piece.

Here's the tease:

You’ve never heard of the New York International Fringe Festival? Don’t worry—I won’t harass you with a “Have you been living under a rock?” joke. Those who’d never ordinarily dip below 14th Street without a passport and booster shots might not know too much about it, anyway.

And the Present Company—the nonprofit group that produces the Fringe—prefers it that way, touting the Fringe as the nation’s largest multi-arts festival. For the past 12 years in August, some 200 plays, musicals, solo performances, puppet pieces and theater works that the dictionary refuses to define play in 20 spaces downtown. Some of them are quite large (“Dude, did they really need that space for that Kabuki King Lear?”), some are quite Liliputian and some are, to be kind, just Fringe-y.

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