Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Podcast: The Inexplicable Dumb Show

While I was attending the Humana Festival in Louisville, I met a couple of guys, Tee Quillin and John Mauldin, who are major theatre folk (actors, teachers, writers, and entrepreneurs) who are podcasting with high velocity and great relish via their website, The Inexplicable Dumb Show, which has to be one of the single greatest names for anything I've ever seen in my life. Tee and John are also all hooked with up with my friend Mark Cabus' Nashville-based theatrical ventures, although when Mark says he has 36 years in this business, he lies: he's just 29.

Anyway, Tee and John had me on their podcast the other day to talk about the Provincetown Playhouse and NYU and whether being a fiery rabble-rouser screws up your digestion or your blood pressure. Here's the link to the podcast!

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1 comment:

Tee said...

Thanks for the link! I hope your readers like the show!