Friday, May 30, 2008

Can Anyone Help the New York City Arts Coalition?

I received this note today from Norma Munn of the New York City Arts Coalition. Can anyone help?

The Arts Coalition's lease will not be renewed at the end of July, and I am really becoming very anxious.

I have been looking for space for two months, and find brokers uninterested because the space is so small, and we don't have a lot of money. We need about 550-600 sq feet of useable space and we need some of that space to be private office space. However, I am as flexible as we can be.

Locale: flexible, but anything that is on the western side of Manhattan is far easier transportation for everyone working here.

I need to keep the rent around $1600-1800 per month, unless it includes cleaning and security, in which case I can go a bit higher.

A two - three year lease is OK. We have been subletting since 2000, and we are accustomed to sharing. (We make good neighbors.)

This is a real plea for help. All efforts deeply appreciated.

Norma P. Munn
New York City Arts Coalition
351-A West 54 St.
NYC 10019 212-246-3788

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