Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Profile: David Gilmour

I read a book a little bit ago called The Film Club, which I thought to be just excellent. I mean, really superlative. It's about a father and a son -- and, really, so much more. I was so pleased to be able to interview novelist and critic David Gilmour for

Here's my lede:

Jesse Gilmour hated high school. This worried his father, novelist and film critic David Gilmour (who, btw, is NOT the guitarist for Pink Floyd), who began doing his son’s homework, hoping someday Jesse would come around. Instead, Jesse announced he wanted to drop out of school—at the same time that David lost his job as a film critic on TV and couldn’t find work. Frustrated, frightened, exhausted, he shocked Jesse by agreeing to his request—provided he’d watch at least three films every week with him. Dubbed "The Film Club," the three years of movie-watching the father and son spent together is captured in Gilmour’s new same-name memoir.

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