Friday, February 20, 2009

State Arts Funding as a Whole? Down, Down, Down Across the Nation

I've come across this press release from the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies.


Legislative appropriations to state arts agencies decreased by 3.3% in fiscal year 2009, according to the Legislative Appropriations Annual Survey published by the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies (NASAA). Between fiscal years 2008 and 2009, state arts agencies lost $11.6 million in state funds, leaving total legislative appropriations to state arts agencies at $343.1 million, or $1.12 per capita.

Fiscal year 2009 marks a decline in legislative appropriations, following four consecutive years of increases. The number of states experiencing increases (21) and decreases (24) were approximately equal, while a handful of major decreases accounted for the aggregate percent decline. The most significant cuts took place in Florida, South Carolina and New Jersey.

Click on the link above and go to page 3 for a great list of which states appropriated what.

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