Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Afternoon Report, February 25, 2009

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Facebook, MySpace Become Mainstream Marketing Vehicles
Advertising Age – by Michael Learmonth

“Sometime in 2007, the recent grads that made up the core of Facebook came to a doleful realization: Yup, mom and all her friends are on Facebook. The following year it got worse: The once-exclusive club of the young was completely infiltrated by colleagues, bosses, neighbors and others who might not be amused when little Johnny gets tagged in a photo getting totally ripped with his pals. - As of January, more than 50% of Facebook users and 44% of MySpace users in the U.S. were over 35 years old, according to ComScore estimates. The single biggest age demographic in the U.S. on both Facebook and MySpace is now between 35 and 44. Indeed, Facebook says its fastest-growing demo is 55-plus.”
That's great. But how the heck do they monetize? I love that the premise of the story is all about how these social networking tools have become mainstream marketing vehicles, but how do they become profitable enterprises?

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