Thursday, February 19, 2009

NYU Students Protest the Opaque Fiscal Skullduggery of President John Sexton

I won't lie: this story about the NYU students storming and holding the Kimmel Center has me jumping for joy. Go NYU kids! Storm the barricades -- but always be peaceful and law-abiding. Very important.

Here's a tease:

NYU Students Barricaded Up To Protest Budget
Demonstrators Block Doors With Furniture, Call For Greater Transparency In Finances Via Live Webcam; Call For 13 Scholarships A Year For Students From Gaza

Dozens of students barricaded themselves inside NYU's student union cafeteria on Thursday, demanding increased transparency of the school's finances.

The protest is being held inside the third floor cafeteria of the Kimmel Student Center. The action began Wednesday night, at around 10 p.m., by some 70 students from NYU and other city universities.

The group has issued a series of demands, but as of early Thursday evening there had been no negotiations.

On Thursday afternoon, there were students on the outside who said they would join – if they could.

"We tried, but they have guards in front of the escalator who won't let you in," student Nora Boronkay said.

The group inside is a coalition who call themselves "Take Back NYU." Members pushed tables and chairs against doors, and the group has a live webcam posted on its Web site.

For the Take Back NYU site, click here.

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