Saturday, January 10, 2009

SF's Magic Theatre, Near Fiscal Ruin, May Not Disappear: Needs $100K by 12am Mon., Jan. 12 to Fulfill Challenge Grant

Magic Theatre may pull a rabbit out its hat. Please read and give if you can.

Magic Awarded Challenge Grant
Theatre Extends Fundraising Deadline
Must Raise $100,000 by Monday to Continue 2008-2009 Season and Meet Challenge
Please donate now to save this treasure of American Theatre:

Since its initial appeal nine days ago, San Francisco's nationally acclaimed new plays theatre, Magic Theatre, has raised more than $250,000. Magic was just awarded an anonymous challenge grant from a leading national arts supporter to encourage the theatre to meet and exceed its fundraising goal so that Magic has the resources to continue its 43rd season and secure its future. To maximize this challenge, Magic has extended its fundraising campaign three days. The challenge will double the impact of contributions up to $100,000 made to Magic now through midnight Monday, January 12, 2009. Please donate now to increase the value of your contribution and keep Magic Theatre alive.

With funds raised so far, we began rehearsals for our next production -- Tough Titty by Oni Faida Lampley, slated for previews beginning January 24th. The staff, furloughed for two weeks, is back at work with pay. Magic must raise a total of $350,000 by January 12, 2009 to retain our staff, continue the season, and remain responsible to our creditors. The new challenge grant is a crucial opportunity for Magic to ensure that we have the resources to complete our season and create a plan not just to survive, but thrive.

In a world where more and more theaters are eliminating the challenging and risky work of mounting new plays altogether, please help us fulfill our commitment to new work. We're $100,000 short of our goal. You can make a difference. Please donate now.

Our core value of risk over commercial gain makes Magic a challenging endeavor in any economy, and going forward, Magic is committed to a new model of financial stability for a new world without compromising our mission. Today however, Magic’s accumulated debt combined with sharp declines in earned and contributed revenue due to the global economy, place us in imminent peril of shutting our doors in March.



Development Department
Building D, Fort Mason Center
San Francisco, CA 94123

Thank you for your support. Your contribution is fully tax-deductible as allowed by law. Magic Theatre's Federal Tax ID number is 94-1733420.

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