Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Afternoon Report, January 14, 2009

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Helen Mirren to spearhead National Theatre’s invasion of movie cinemas
Dame Helen Mirren is to feature on the movie screen at the same time as appearing on stage when the National Theatre beams live performances into UK cinemas later this year
Telegraph -- by Stephen Adams
“It is copying an idea pioneered by the Metropolitan Opera in New York two years ago, which found there was an appetite from those who could not physically experience a production to see it live in their local picture house. It is the first time a theatre has taken a play live into cinemas. Around 50 independent cinemas around Britain, but not in central London, will screen a single night of four productions, including the Picturehouse chain. They will use satellite transmission to beam in high definition pictures. About 100 cinemas in North America, Australia and elsewhere will also screen them within 24 hours. The first production to go live in cinemas will be Phèdre, a French classical tragedy, which will star Dame Helen in the title role. Outlining what is to be called 'NT Live' Nicholas Hytner, artistic director of the National Theatre, said the filmed performance would take place a couple of weeks after Phèdre opened in June.”
And, of course, it's a brilliant idea. The question for us Yanks is what obstacles, monetarily and in terms of union issues and marketing, exist here that prevent us from taking advantage of it. Do we have the courage, the brains, the daring?

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