Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Producers File Grievance Against Jeremy Piven, But Kristen Chenoweth Smacks Him Around

As reported elsewhere and often, the producers of Speed-the-Plow have filed a grievance with Actor's Equity against actor Jeremy Piven for up and leaving the show on about as much notice as it takes to make a California roll. You can read one of the stories about this here.

Here's a little more information from the story:

The actor quit the David Mamet comedy less than two months after it opened to favorable reviews at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre. Piven's doctor said the 43-year-old actor was unable perform because of high levels of mercury in his system, possibly caused by eating large amounts of raw fish.

Piven's publicist, Samantha Mast, called the producers' claims "absurd and outrageous."

"He withdrew from the play due to medical necessity on the advice of his doctors, after he was hospitalized and warned by his physicians that enforced rest was necessary in order to avoid serious medical problems, including a heart attack," Mast said in a statement Friday.

No date for the grievance proceedings was announced.

Frankly, though, I think the best take on this is from an old Broadway hand. See if you agree.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Squirt's smackdown of JP & his alleged sushi overdose is a riot !

But, the real question is: if JP really DID eat as much tuna as he claims to have eaten over the last two years, how did he ever learn his lines to begin with ?

LOVED Mamet's quote about JP: "It's my understanding he's leaving show business to become a thermometer"

So very Biggie/Tupac !

Did you notice that at the Globe's Matt Damon (his Entourage Producer) went way over the top defending his "need" to leave the show ? (of course, he ONLY meant the Broadway show!).