Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Are You a Univore?

There is an excellent story about a new report coming out of Oxford. I'll quote from the headline and dek -- and remember, this relates to the British, not Americans, although I'd love a smart university to fund a similar study.

Arts study a culture shock
Oxford University reports idea of upper class forming cultural elite no longer valid

In short:

Divide culture consumers into four new groups, says an international study Oxford University researchers released late last month that will have far-reaching results for arts support everywhere.

"Univores," "Omnivores," "Paucivores" and "Inactives" are the new categories we can all find ourselves in. Which one depends on whether we believe Britney is a huge tabloid star or an area in northwestern France where Impressionist painters spent their summers.

Here's a press release for the study.

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Anonymous said...

"Univores"? "Omnivores"? Try sitting in a room full of Broadway actors and you'll quickly hear their vocal disdain for pop culture icons masquerading as talent, from "Britney" to rap music. But they're not anti-pop culture; they're anti mediocrity. The learned research men omitted the all-important fifth category: "Theaterwhores."

Leonard Jacobs said...

That's a phylum.