Thursday, January 03, 2008

What the (More or Less) Three-Way Tie in Iowa Means

It means Hillary will be the nominee, and Edward will drop out before the month is over.

What I wish is Hillary would pick Obama to be VP. I love Barack, but he can't win. Yes, yes, I know everyone says that about Hillary, but I think Hillary can win. And I think the two of them would be colossal.

Edwards is a hack, and not credible, with very much the plasticity of Romney, but on the saner side of the political ledger.

Let Huckabee be the nominee. We'll feed him to the devil in bite-sized morsels.

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Jen Ryan's Brain said...

Mike Cockapoo is the best shot the dems have of winning. He's a nobody with no credibility and no ideas. The neocons cant stand him, and lets face it, Repubs are NEVER going to vote in a moron - I mean, a Mormon.
I for one am starting to lean toward Obama. He's of OUR generation, not our parents, and frankly, I am glad that Iowa took a chance. If anything its a "statement" that they're not afraid to shake things up. Watch for him to surge and for Hillary to fade. She may have to settle for a VP nod after all. Unless Bloomberg comes in and shakes it all to pieces.

Rob Weinert-Kendt said...

Hmmm...Is 37.6 percent, 29.8 percent, and 29.5 percent a (more or less) three-way tie? I think Obama-Webb could kick butt on a national ticket.

Leonard Jacobs said...

Yes, Rob, it is.