Thursday, January 31, 2008

On Rat Sass's Post on Preview Reviewing

Here's Nick's piece on preview reviewing at Rat Sass. In some ways, the less said, the better.

For the record:

Calling me Justice Jacobs is childish. Just as John Clancy asked Nick for them to stop sniping at each other on my blog, I would have hoped Nick would do the same. Truth is, we were supposed to have lunch last week, and the morning of, I received an email letting me know that he'd been offered tickets as a blogger/reviewer to some OB show and that we were now enemies or whatever word he used. Interesting that when I asked what show, he said he had to "protect his sources." What's next, Dungeons and Dragons?

Anyway, I do look excellent in a black robe and I know my way around a gavel, but cut the crap. He wanted to start a fight and -- like John -- I'm not going to fight him.

And Adam Szymkowicz's piece on Hunting and Gathering, which I am reviewing tonight, struck me as a reaction, not a formal, Variety-style review that Hunka wrote regarding 100 Saints and which I objected to. And for which I offer no apology whatsoever. And never will.


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