Tuesday, November 06, 2007

You Know Butoh?

Courtesy of Gaby at RatConference, here's a plug for...

The 3rd Biennial New York Butoh Festival
October 21 to November 21, 2007

“The New York Butoh Festival allowed connoisseurs and novices alike to steep themselves in this enigmatic dance… You couldn't explain it, perhaps, but the raw experience was undeniable.”
-- The New York Times

"Two shows in this year's NYBF, presented by the intrepid arts organization and studio CAVE, sent me into the street wrung out."
--The Village Voice, November 2005

The CAVE New York Butoh Festival celebrates the origins and international evolution of butoh in a biennial festival of performances, workshops, films and lectures. The third edition will build upon the successes of the prior two sold-out festivals, and will feature three weeks of activities across the city. Butoh is a contemporary dance form that emerged in Japan in the late 1950's and is now practiced worldwide. Butoh defies easy definition and embraces paradox: it fuses the traditional with the avant-garde, complex choreography with improvisation and wild physicality with meditative stillness. The New York Butoh Festival is a program of CAVE Organization, one of the longest running experimental art spaces in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

For more information on the festival and tickets, click here.
To get an overview of the festival, click on "calendar."

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