Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Those Angry Democrats

Got this in my email this morning from

New York Daily News columnist Michael Goodwin viciously attacked all progressive New Yorkers in his 11/7/07 column entitled "Chuck bucks the loony left."

Goodwin wrote:

"With rabid lefties calling for a protest outside his Brooklyn home and with costumed demonstrators holding up signs behind him in Washington saying things like "united we torture," Schumer earned his title as New York's senior senator. By saving Mukasey's nomination in the 11-to-8 Judiciary Committee vote, Schumer and the only other Democrat to join nine Republicans, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), also saved their party from the clutches of the fanatical fringe...

An e-mail sent by a group called urged a protest outside his house and accused him of "abandoning his own party and angering many of his constituents." It also claimed, falsely, that "Mukasey also stated his belief that President Bush has the right to ignore laws passed by Congress in his capacity of commander in chief, thus showing that he would continue the drift toward authoritarian rule which has become a hallmark of the Bush administration."

Such ridiculous blather has become par for the left wing, which won't be satisfied until the government grinds to a halt. Then they'll blame that on Bush, too. But for at least one day, Democratic grownups intervened to do the right thing for the country."

Please join our boycott of the New York Daily News and its advertisers until Michael Goodwin apologizes for this outrageous attack on progressive New Yorkers - or is fired.

For more info contact Dave Robinson

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