Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If Everyone Wants to Continue Debating the Good and the Bad of the New York International Fringe Festival...

...there's always this intriguing and, in a weird way, disheartening article in the Philadelphia Inquirer to add fuel to the fire.

While Alexis Soloski was given two foul shots in the Village Voice to knock FringeNYC, she could have been writing about what the Inquirer focuses on. Oh well. Always next year, right?

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good article. Just reminds me of one reason a love making site-specific performance: the ephemeral. My 3-floors of theater in an abandoned building or 12-block street performance tour isn't made for an open run Off Broadway or some institutional theater - can't happen if I wanted it to. And these Philly Fringe shows seem (mostly) akin - they're not out for Broadway and as such are much freer.

But things ain't like that in NYC. The shows that come to the nycFringe, and I don't blame them, are looking for a future, or at least some professional cred'. It doesn't make one fringe good and the other bad, just different; and thereby judged by a different set of criteria. In that regard, I can't fault Soloski's fringe take, but I'd love it if Denton sent some of his army to Philly.