Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Hunka Fallout

Well, the fallout is already beginning as a result of my most recent post on George Hunka and the balls-to-the-wall middle-fingering of the ethics of theatre criticism. (I repeat, Virginia, yes, there is such a thing.) To those that have emailed me, I thank you for your support, and no, I don't need the Witness Protection Program at this point. Though a tummy tuck, yes, that's ok, sure.

Meanwhile, a big shout out to CollisionWorks, which gave me such a nice shout-out over there with regard to my posting a YouTube video of "Someone in a Tree" from Pacific Overtures and about the Presidential Advance Manual that has probably already fattened my CIA file far more than I ever could have hoped. Thank you!

I saw the revival of Pacific Overtures at the Roundabout, of course (and wrote about it for the Roundabout's house magazine, Front & Center, here. I have always thought the show is vastly underrated, and yes, that includes the book. I mean, no, I don't think John Weidman is the best book writer ever, and frankly I think both Sondheim and Weidman (and probably the original director, Harold Prince) could have benefited from a gentle dramaturge, but I do think there is far more in that show than a thousand others. I also saw the revival at the now-shuttered Promenade Theatre back in 1985 (I was 17 at the time) and I vividly remember Kevin Gray's performance like it was yesterday.

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