Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kudos to Rob Kendt

Not only is my buddy Rob Kendt earning kudos for his new CD, I'm Not Sentimental (although that bullshit, Rob, we know you cry very easily and thankfully make me look quite butch in the process), but he's back in the reviewing game, as this piece in Newsday shows.

I have to say, though, that the first quote about the CD on Rob's website makes me laugh. Cole Porter in one sentence, Samuel Pepys in the next? If only Pepys' peeps were here to see that. Anyway, here's the text:

“Superb…Not since Cole Porter has there been so much eyebrow-arching commentary in a group of songs. Not since Dave Frishberg has an album contained so much delightful wordplay. Not since Samuel Pepys has an artist revealed so much of himself while scrutinizing his fellow human creatures…Kendt often seems to be
half confessor and half teller of tall tales that were once based on truth but have now taken on a life of their own.”

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