Sunday, July 01, 2007

Watching a Dog Consume Its Own Vomit

Very funny and very on-point article in the Guardian, issue of June 28.

Salient graphs:

There's a new recycling process evident in the arts: the decent film which spawns a lousy musical now spawns an ever more dreadful movie.

All this is a little like watching a dog consume its own vomit. We have become a witless, disposable culture, and it shows most clearly in our popular entertainment. Bad enough that theatre should look to the pop charts for inspiration; that it should also go scrounging from Hollywood - where original ideas are rarer than full-fat latt├ęs - is little short of terrifying. How long before some enterprising young producer seizes upon the chance to make a movie of the musical of "Spamalot"?("This 'Knights Who Say Ni!' stuff...this is gold!") Or a musical re-telling of that sparkling comedy classic, "Legally Blonde"?

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