Monday, July 16, 2007

More Thoughts on Theater Coverage

I'm very glad my earlier post on theater coverage is gaining some traction, even if the pathetic anonymous commenter, Lucretia, made me want to go postal.

Just in case you're not trolling through my comments, Isaac Butler wrote (and quite rightly):

"Some interesting points here. I think people would be more willing to flex muscles if they (we) thought they (we) had any. What ways do you (or other readers) think OOB theatres could get together on this?"

My reply is:

"Hey Parabasis/Isaac,

I think the first problem is the idea that there aren't any muscles to be flexed. It's an Alamo mentality that assumes the cause is lost. I think OOB has economic muscle, artistic muscle, muscle in numbers, and loud voices -- all must be used in order to affect change. The precise manifestation of those muscles is up for grabs. I just think people have to stop whining about the lack of OOB media coverage and start doing specific, credible and coordinated things in order to change the situation. All whining does is promote stasis."

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