Sunday, July 08, 2007

Browsing III

Terry Teachout, who I know the blogosphere is so enamored of, had a very good piece in the June 23 Wall Street Journal on Goldstar, the for-profit service that is working to put butts in the seats at small venues across the USA. Of course, he couldn't help but take a swipe at the idea of publicly subsidized culture with his comment about "you'd better scrap the cultural entitlement mentality that has long dominated the marketing of the arts in America and start trying out new business models that make sense to postmodern audiences."

Cara Joy David is perplexed by Philip Boroff's economic and trend analysis of the most recent Broadway season. Good call on her part, although having done a great deal of such writing myself, it is exceedingly difficult to cogently read the tea leaves of the entertainment world's most inscrutable industry. More to the point, if audience levels for plays is at a 20-odd-year low, what are we to do? I say open the Tonys to Off-Broadway. I'll be writing more about that in an upcoming post.

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