Sunday, May 13, 2007

Leave Donna Murphy Alone!!!

Whoever started posting on All That Chat today that something terrible had happened to Donna Murphy's husband...would you please leave the country? Or vaporize in a torrential downpour of your own unrelenting stupidity? Or -- hey, how about this -- just not participate in any kind of public dialogue anymore? Oh, it was just completely idiotic -- and yes, I know you want to know what the rumor was, and in deference to Donna, of whom I am personally fond (and who I just profiled for The Sondheim Review), I won't. Really, I'm only posting this because I'm so angry I could just spit. Plus the fact that she is out of LoveMusik, apparently, having caught a cold from Judy Blazer, is making the chatterati chatter that much more. Stupid nattering nabobs of narcissism. Ugh.

Yeah, so I'm a fan and I think she's utterly brilliant in LoveMusik? You got a problem with that?

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