Saturday, May 12, 2007

Birthday Week

The other reason y'all haven't seen me post this week is that it was my birthday on Wednesday! Yes, it was the last birthday of my 30s, which is all at once terrifying and weirdly exciting. When the heck did I get to be this old? Or this...old?

Anyway, I put together a terrific little get-together dinner at Etcetera, and those in attendance included Brian Scott Lipton and Bill Entwhistle, Steve Malsky and Luis Cruz, Jen Ryan and Rik Sansone, Stephen Van Gorden and that very special man, Mario Ortiz, plus everyone's favorite Nurse Supreme, Paul Quinn (who is not, however, a member of the Supremes!), and my adorable and wonderful Lynda Sturner, freshly returned from seeing Deuce (and needing a cocktail on the quick!).

Alas, my friend Judith Hawking couldn't make it -- she's busy earning plaudits in Rob Urbinati's West Moon Street.

And I must reserve a special place to talk about my sweetheart Ken, who puts up with so much from me...he's the best birthday present of all. Well, that and the Family Guy DVDs he gifted me with!

And I must reserve a very special place to talk about my parents, whom I love so much and without whom none of this would be written! Incidentally, I was asked recently if I posted anything on my father's condition. He is FINE! Just fine. Sorry if there was any doubt about that.

Also got a few EXCELLENT books, some amazing antiquarian playbills, a bottle of cognac (hiccup) and some serious love, among other things.

SO -- May 9, 2008 -- mark the date. I'll be 40 and there will be a party. A theme party. Probably something to do with reincarnation. Stay tuned.

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