Saturday, June 07, 2008

Woody Allen Endorses the Idea of Marx Brothers Place

Courtesy of Susan Hefti at Save Marx Brothers Place, it appears that none other than Woody Allen is lending his support to the cause over on East 93rd Street.

Here are the two letters that Mr. Allen wrote and made public:

May 28, 2008

From Japan to Russia, from Argentina to Alaska and all over Europe the Marx Brothers are revered as the greatest cinema clowns in talking pictures. They are universally adored by the most unsophisticated audiences to the highest intellectuals. There’s never been anything like them, their films are not only an enduring part of movie history but of American culture and now well after their deaths the Brothers continue to exert their impact as strongly as ever.

Woody Allen

A Letter To 93rd Street Beautification Association

Dear Ms. Hefti,

As a filmmaker who is particularly interested in preserving the enormous charm and appeal of Manhattan I have found myself supporting any number of preservation causes. The move to destroy the house the Marx Brothers grew up in on East 93rd street is of course particularly repugnant to me not just because the look of older New York is what makes it so appealing in movies all over the world (and draws many tourists) but because the Marx Brothers are among the great comic artists in history, their accomplishments are revered internationally and in countries that place a high value on cultural contributions as opposed to simply bulldozing things in the name of progress, the Marx Brothers home would remain standing and affixed with a plaque. This would be a nice touch for the city and evidence that we have deeper priorities than just profits. Therefore, I urge the Marx Brothers house to be allowed to remain as a proud landmark.


Woody Allen

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