Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Interview: Elizabeth Pisani, The Wisdom of Whores

Through, I had the opportunity to read a new book by Elizabeth Pisani called The Wisdom of Whores. It's all about her work as an epidemiologist in Southeast Asia and her work tracking and analyzing HIV and AIDS infection rates among sex workers. I know, I know -- a bit out of my typical parameters, but I was glad to get the opportunity to learn about something I did not know anything about. Plus, Pisani is a stitch to read (very funny and very serious at the same time) and utterly frank. Here's my Q& A with her for She really is lovely. And sassy, too.

Here's a tease:

Metromix: You have many anecdotes about people you know and their drug use and their sexual behaviors. Do you ever want to just shake them and tell them to stop it?
Pisani: You want to slap them upside the head! It’s not just Indonesia and Southeast Asia that I feel this way. A few months ago in London, I’m talking to a new friend, absolutely delightful, and we’re chatting about esoteric Chinese movies and what he does and what I do. And he says, “I was diagnosed a year ago.” He’s 20 years old.

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