Thursday, June 12, 2008

Shout Out to Edward D. Miller

Or as I knew him, Ned. Also Neddy. Also Edward David Miller. Also Ned Miller. Also a boyfriend from many moons ago who I think about now and then. And today I was thinking about him -- no, well, actually, more like rather bored editing something this afternoon after taping a podcast for Martin Denton and letting what's left of my mind wander. Later, Erik, my copy chief at Back Stage, was talking to me about the idea of gathering more critics and I suggested, among other places, he contact the Ph.D. Theatre program at the CUNY Graduate Center and I also offered up some of my friends/colleagues from my MA program at Hunter. And that's when I stumbled on his name, 27 academic titles (he was working on his Ph.D. when I knew him -- this was 1995 or so), and then found his blog. 'Tis been a long time, Mr. Miller. If you see this post, it's great to know you're great.

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