Monday, June 23, 2008

The Hypersensitivity of Truth

So yesterday I decided to post some thoughts on the Provincetown Playhouse efforts and, as I predicted, some of the things I said garnered me some private email noise. I won't post the contents of the email, of course, but I'm amazed at the way publishing one's feelings, one's observations, one's truths, makes some people hypersensitive to the point of hysteria. I just sat down and re-read what I wrote, and I fail to notice an inch of invective. The character of one of the subjects of my post was not assassinated; indeed, I went out of my way to talk about how much I respect him. But no, I got an unpleasant email anyway, more or less attacking me for not expressing my views privately first. It's all about control and power and positioning and fretting over how we appear to others -- the hypersensivity of truth. And all this time I thought it was supposed to set you free.

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