Friday, February 22, 2008

You Want to Talk About Patti LuPone? Read This

My friend Paul Haber -- actor, writer, editor, filmmaker, blogger -- posted this great short piece on his blog over at today about being invited to a run-through of the Broadway-bound Patti LuPone Gypsy. Read it and turn green with envy. I know I did. I'm SO jealous.

It's no secret I think LuPone is the finest musical-theatre performer on the American stage, and one of our most vastly talented (and under-cast) actors overall. If anything, I fear she's been all rather pegged as a musical-theatre actress for so long that people actually forget this woman can do plays with exquisite meticulousness and meaning.

OK, so here are two reviews -- first my review of the John Doyle Sweeney Todd from 2005, in which she starred with Michael Cerveris, and then my review of Gypsy from last year's Encores! series. For those unaware, that is the same revival, more or less, as the one Paul saw deliriously up close yesterday.

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