Friday, February 01, 2008

Was the Current "A Chorus Line" Fearful of a Suit from the Original "A Chorus Line" Cast?

Now, now, I didn't say that. I'm not saying that at all. It's idle speculation, that's all it is.

But read this press release I received today and mull what may (or may not) be written between the lines.

I should add that I absolutely worshipped Michael Bennett as a kid. March 19, 1983 -- the day I first saw A Chorus Line. December 29, 1980 -- the day I saw Dreamgirls.

Anyway, remember, this story in the New York Times ran on October 1, 2006.



The beneficiaries of the Estate of Michael Bennett and the artists from the original interviews and workshops of A Chorus Line jointly announced today that they have amended the terms of their agreement signed in 1976. The artists will now have a financial interest in the current Broadway production as well as all future First Class productions. The financial arrangement applies to the original interviewees of the taped sessions that Mr. Bennett held in the spring of 1974 and the actors who participated in the workshops prior to the original Off-Broadway production.

The beneficiaries of the Bennett estate became aware in the spring of 2006 that the artists were surprised that they were not receiving a financial participation in the current production. After a meeting between the parties, the beneficiaries agreed that it would be fair and appropriate to extend the existing agreement to include the current Broadway revival playing at the Schoenfeld Theatre as well as all future First Class productions of the show.

The beneficiaries of the Bennett estate participating in this arrangement include Bob Avian, Frank DiFilia, the Estate of Gene Pruit, Robin Wagner and John Breglio. In honor of Mr. Bennett's wishes, the parties have agreed that AmFar (a Bennett beneficiary) will not be affected by this new arrangement.

The artists who were in the forefront of these discussions include Tony Award-winning actresses Kelly Bishop (the original "Sheila") and Donna McKechnie (the original "Cassie"), as well as Priscilla Lopez (the original "Diana"), Robert LuPone (the original "Zach"), Tony Stevens and Michon Peacock.

….The amended terms of the new agreement are confidential and will not be disclosed by any of the parties.

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