Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Piles and Piles

Wasn't it, like, 12 minutes ago that I got home from the Humana Festival and thought, "Gee, I have all of April ahead of me without a whole lot going on -- except the usual?" Welcome to my seriously messed up life. Jerry Portwood has given me a slew of features and previews to write, I'm on my third book review for Clarion (click here to read a bunch of them), and I agreed to make my column at Back Stage, Now Playing, weekly, as there's so much going on. Plus I'm writing an appreciation of Kitty Carlisle Hart, and I haven't even made a serious enough dent yet in my schoolwork. Smart, right, I know.

You know, I got myself into a long and very...oh, I don't know, what's the word?...moving conversation with Jeffrey Eric Jenkins, the editor of the Best Plays annual volume, while I was in Louisville. His feeling is that I should seriously get on the stick and get done with school, first so it'll be behind me, second so I'll have it in my pocket, and third so that it'll provide me with some, shall we say, employment options for some indeterminate future tomorrow. He's really quite right, and what a lovely guy he is -- he invited me to a very swanky dinner with a bunch of other critics while I was at Humana, and I'm thrilled that he considers me (or so he says) part of his "team." He knows I'm dying to write an essay for a future volume and I'm really hoping that will happen sooner than later. Anyway, everything he said to me in this conversation has really been percolating. I just have to get through a lot of other, um, stuff first.

Meantime, would y'all check out my friend Jen's blog?

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