Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Dad

Just a little note for everyone that is reading. My dad had to have a procedure done at the hospital today -- one coronary artery was about 90% blocked, so they put in two stents. I saw him, he's fine, and while the whole thing is scary, of course, it's a much better situation that the alternative. Anyway, I'm sure both my parents will just hate me posting this photo of them -- taken at my mom's 60th birthday celebration in 2002 -- but the really good ones of my dad and mom aren't scanned, and this one is sitting right in my PC. You just gotta love my father's please-get-this-photo-done-already look, and mom acting like "What? A picture?" Funny...

Anyway, here's to continued good health, Dad and Mom, with all my love.
Also, tomorrow, April 19, is mom's birthday -- Happy Birthday!!

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