Saturday, September 01, 2007

Moving On VI

Alison Crogan writes,

Leonard, quite clearly I left an important word out - that if you thought that bloggers should NOT be "separate but equal". A typo that was quite clear from the context. If that's the case, as I said, then bloggers should get opening night invites like everyone else. End of story.I worked as a professional msm journalist for a decade. I am now a totally msm theatre critic (I am the Melbourne critic for the national daily broadsheet). You're talking through the wrong orifice.All I can see in your weirdly hysterical denunciation of George (but not, I note, of other bloggers who also - albeit favourably - reviewed the show) is fear that you will somehow lose your job. Or your "authority". Whatever. I have a review to write for my newspaper and then another for my blog. Pip pip.
I reply,
You did leave a word out, and no, it wasn't clear from your comment.

And if you've read the blog, you know I am also in favor of bloggers being on the first- or second-night lists here in NYC. If you haven't seen those posts, please let me know and I will send them to you in their entirety.

It seems unbecoming to discuss my orifices, or yours.

My denunciation is neither weird nor hysterical -- your cavalier dismissal of the subject is short-sighted and ignorant. And my issue is with anyone who reviewed the show, period. If you want me to find all of them and call all of them out, is that not an invitation to more accusations of weirdness and hysteria?

And I have no fear whatsoever about losing my job. Period. None.

And as I have said repeatedly -- and as I will continue to say -- it is not about "authority." It is about ethics. You are free to disagree, and free to be wrong.

Oh, and I've already written my reviews for this week, thanks. Care to have all the links to those? Probably not is my guess.

Pip Pip.

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